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Orla Shevlin - Paschal O'Hare Solicitors Hearing Loss Department

Paschal O’Hare Welcomes Orla Shevlin to Lead New Noise Induced Hearing Loss Department

Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors is thrilled to announce the addition of Orla Shevlin to our legal team. Orla, a honours graduate in Law from Queen’s University Belfast, brings with her an extensive background in Litigation, particularly in the realm of occupational disease law. She is set to head our newly established Noise Induced Hearing Loss department, marking a significant expansion of our firm’s specialty services.

Orla’s journey in the legal field is distinguished by her deep-rooted passion for advocacy and justice, particularly for those affected by workplace conditions leading to hearing loss. Her expertise in this area is expected to greatly enhance our firm’s capabilities in providing specialised legal services to our clients.

Patrick O’Hare, Managing Partner at Paschal O’Hare, expressed his enthusiasm about Orla joining the team: “Orla’s addition to our firm is a testament to our commitment to diversifying and strengthening our legal services. Her knowledge in noise induced hearing loss cases is unparalleled, and we are very happy to have her lead this new department. Orla embodies the expertise, dedication, and compassion that we value in our team members.”

He further added, “With Orla at the helm of our Noise Induced Hearing Loss department, we are confident in our ability to offer even more comprehensive support to our clients. Her experience and specialised focus complement our firm’s long-standing mission to provide top-tier legal representation across Northern Ireland.”

As we celebrate 55 years of delivering exceptional legal advice and advocacy in Northern Ireland, the addition of Orla Shevlin to our team marks another exciting chapter in our firm’s history. We look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on our firm and more importantly, on the lives of those we represent.

For those in need of specialised legal services, particularly in cases related to noise induced hearing loss, we encourage you to reach out to Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors. With Orla Shevlin leading the way, you can be assured of receiving legal representation that is both compassionate and effective.


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