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Impact of Car Colour on Road Safety in Northern Ireland

The Impact of Car Colour on Road Safety in Northern Ireland

When purchasing a brand new car, most people consider the brand, safety features, performance, and the overall look. However, one critical aspect that is often overlooked is the colour .

According to recent research from the road safety company Road Angel, the colour of your car may significantly impact your likelihood of being involved in an accident. 

In order to help with your car selection, we explore the study’s key findings and provide some useful insights into the safest car colours in Northern Ireland.

The Most Dangerous Car Colours in Northern Ireland 

The research conducted by Road Angel revealed that red cars are most likely to be involved in accidents, with a staggering 60% of red vehicles reportedly being in incidents across the UK. This association between the colour red and danger is not surprising, as red is often linked to risk-taking behaviour. Additionally, many sports cars which are manufactured for speed, are red, which further contributes to the increased risk.

Brown and black vehicles follow closely behind red cars in terms of danger, with 59% and 57% of owners reporting accidents, respectively. Black, being the second most popular car colour in the UK, accounts for over 324,000 vehicles on the road.

Visibility plays a significant role in the increased accident rates for black and brown cars. These darker colours make it harder for vehicles to be seen, especially at night, as they blend more into their surroundings. Consequently, according to reports, owners of darker coloured cars may face higher insurance premiums, as insurers take visibility into account when calculating accident likelihood.

Safer Car Colour Choices

In contrast to the riskier colours, white, grey, and other lighter shades have been found to be safer options. According to the research, white vehicles are highly visible and easy to spot on the roads, making them a safer option for drivers looking to maximize their safety.

Yellow and blue vehicles also fare better in accident statistics, with 55% and 54% of owners reporting incidents, respectively. 

Gary Digva from Road Angel notes that while car colour can play a role in accident likelihood, various other factors, such as driver quality, car condition, weather, traffic, and visibility, also contribute. He emphasised that choosing a white car does not guarantee invincibility on the roads, and drivers should always exercise caution and follow road rules and safety guidelines.

How Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help

Despite taking all necessary precautions and choosing a safer car colour, accidents can still happen. If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Northern Ireland, the expert car accident solicitors at Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors are here to help.

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No matter the colour of your vehicle, we are here to assist you during this difficult time. If you need legal advice or representation following a car accident in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors today.


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