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The Rising Concern of Headlight Glare in Northern Ireland

The Rising Concern of Headlight Glare in Northern Ireland

Headlight glare has become an increasing concern among drivers over the past few years. According to a survey conducted by RAC, this issue has impacted countless people across the UK, affecting road safety in a number of significant ways. It’s a serious issue that warrants exploration due to its impact on drivers across Northern Ireland.

Research Reveals Extent of the Issue

The RAC’s survey of 2,000 drivers revealed that 89% believe that some headlights on cars are excessively bright, with 28% considering the majority of headlights to be too dazzling. Of those affected, an incredible 91% reported regular instances of being dazzled while driving, leading to significant concerns regarding road safety. 

The survey revealed that 2/3 of drivers suffering from glare claim they have to slow down considerably until visibility improves, while 64% express worries that excessively bright headlights may cause accidents.

Causes of Headlight Glare

There are many reasons behind the prevalence of headlight glare. LED headlights, increasingly common in modern cars, emit a very intense and focused beam that has been known to overwhelm road users. Although LED headlights enhance a driver’s visibility, their brightness may prove detrimental to those encountering them. Additionally, 44% of drivers attribute the issue to poorly aligned headlights. Shockingly, data shows around 1.6 million cars annually fail MOTs for this issue. 

Impact on Road Safety

The consequences of headlight glare on road safety cannot be underestimated. Government collision statistics indicate that an average of 280 collisions per year since 2013, where dazzling headlights were a contributing factor. Tragically, six of these collisions resulted in fatalities annually. 

It’s important to note that the actual number of incidents caused by headlight glare might be higher, as investigations may not always conclusively determine its direct influence. Given the severity of the problem, 81% of surveyed drivers believe that more should be done to tackle headlight glare. 

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