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Top 5 Common Office Injuries in Northern Ireland

Top 5 Common Office Injuries in Northern Ireland

The modern office workplace is often seen as a pretty safe place filled with desks, computers, and chairs. Few of us expect to be injured when we sit sipping our morning coffee. However, while office work tends to be free from serious hazards, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe.

Employers in Northern Ireland are required to keep their workplaces safe for their employees. While most take their duty seriously, some underestimate the dangers lurking behind every desk. Whenever employees move around the office they can encounter common dangers that could result in minor, and sometimes serious, injuries like muscle strains or head injuries.

In this blog we explore the most common injuries and offer a few different ways to avoid them.

1) Falls

Nearly a third of workplace accidents in the UK are directly linked to slips and trips. They can range from small embarrassing falls to more severe falls that could leave some hospitalised. In many instances the slip or trip is caused by obstructions, uneven flooring, and spills. Your employer needs to make sure that the floor is suitable and replaces worn portions. The floor should also be regularly cleaned and cables should be hidden away. Additionally, if an area is wet it should be clearly marked with a sign.

2) Injuries caused by repetition

You’re engaged in a lot of repetitive tasks when you’re sitting at your desk in the office. Some office workers have experienced carpal tunnel syndrome. This typically happens whenever there is significant pressure on your wrists while you’re typing on a keyboard for long periods. Making adjustments to your workstation and taking breaks throughout the day can help avoid carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other injuries like tennis elbow and trigger finger.

3) Eye Strain

Spending hours upon hours each day looking at your computer screen can have an impact on your eyes. Many office workers experience irritation and dry eyes. Making sure you take a 5 to 10 minute break every hour can significantly mitigate any trouble focusing. Additionally, checking that your monitor is correctly positioned just below eye level will help alleviate some issues.

4) Lifting Objects

Lifting or pushing heavy objects incorrectly can quickly lead to back and neck pain. Employers need to educate workers on how to lift objects and ensure they don’t lift anything that is too big or bulky. Correct posture is key. Whether it’s trying to move a box of paper or a computer, you should avoid lifting anything that involves extensive stooping or reaching upwards for long periods of time.

5) Falling objects

Falling objects have resulted in many serious head injuries as well as broken bones across Northern Ireland. Ensuring that items are stacked appropriately in cabinets and on floors is very important. A serious danger can be caused if there is an imbalance in objects and a stack comes tumbling down.

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