hearing loss after working in Nortel Northern Ireland

Worked at Nortel and suffering from hearing loss? Our solicitors can help

Our solicitors have been helping people across Northern Ireland who have worked at Nortel and are suffering from hearing loss. We have already assisted hundreds of people, offering them answers and compensation they desperately need. 

Nortel was a multinational telecommunications company based in Newtownabbey. They employed thousands of people across Northern Ireland including in Carrickfergus, Belfast, Monkstown, and elsewhere. 

Their factories were bustling with people and filled with very loud machinery. This environment, when paired with inadequate ear protection, unfortunately led to many people losing their hearing years after leaving the factory. In many cases, this type of injury is irreversible, leaving many in a distressful position. 

Loud factory work has been linked with tinnitus, which is commonly associated with ringing and buzzing. This type of work has also been linked to an overall reduction in hearing. It can take a long time to develop after being exposed to loud noise. 

Our solicitors specialise in industrial deafness claims and are considered the best in Northern Ireland. We have an exceptional track record and will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been suffering from hearing loss after working in Nortel, find out your options by speaking with one of our solicitors. 

Local Hearing Loss Solicitors

“We have extensive experience helping people in Northern Ireland who suffered from hearing loss,” Managing Partner Patrick O’Hare said. 

“The reality is that some factories operating in Northern Ireland didn’t offer adequate protections to their employees. This means that after many years, some workers are dealing with hearing loss and tinnitus.”

Patrick said: “We have been helping people who worked in Nortel for many years. People suffering from a wide range of hearing issues have reached out to our solicitors. They want help. They need a way to get their life back on track.”

“We have many, many, different case studies on our website that show how we have helped Nortel workers. People know they will get the representation and compensation they deserve when they contact Paschal O’Hare. ” he concluded.

Our solicitors have assisted people with industrial deafness claims for many years. If you worked in Nortel and are suffering from hearing loss, reach out to Paschal O’Hare Solicitors today on 028 9031 3613. 


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