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Carol’s hearing loss claim settles for £5,000 (Newtownabbey)

Carol worked for Nortel Networks UK Ltd, formerly Standard Telephones and cables. Her role included the inspection of PC boards on the loud factory floor and she did this for 5 years in the early 1990s. Whilst working for Nortel, Carol was not provided with hearing protection despite spending most of her time in a noisy factory setting.

Years after her departure from the company Carol came across our blog post that advises readers how to spot the symptoms of noise induced hearing loss. You can read it here. This post resonated with her as she had experienced some of the signs we mentioned in it. Despite having reservations because she left Nortel so long ago, she contacted us with a view to discuss claiming for compensation.

Carol contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors

During her initial free phone consultation, solicitor Seymour Major explained that we can determine the severity of the hearing loss and the time parameters it was caused within. This is achieved through an audiogram with a leading hearing loss specialist. Carol decided to pursue compensation and Seymour became her solicitor. We sent a letter of claim to Nortel’s insurer and sent Carol for her audiogram. The subsequent medical report confirmed noise induced hearing loss that was likely sustained in the early 90s. We asked HMRC for a copy of Carol’s employment history which confirmed she worked at Nortel during this time.

Nortel’s appointed solicitor refused to negotiate on the settlement figure

Nortel’s insurer did not dispute the noisy environment and lack of ear protection. As a result we issued proceedings and the insurer appointed a solicitor to negotiate settlement with us. We met with the appointed solicitor in a consultation who offered £3,850 in compensation for Carol. This was deemed to be too little and we attempted to negotiate further. Unfortunately, the other solicitor would not increase the offer so we left with a view to proceed to court. Three days before the hearing, the other solicitor contacted us with an increased offer of £5,000. This was accepted and Carol’s case was settled.

If you have suffered from hearing loss like Carol and think it was due to exposure to noise at work, learn more about our services or contact us for a free discussion on how we can help you too.

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