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Tech is helping us help clients

Tech is helping us help clients

It’s no secret or surprise that technology has changed the legal sector in recent years. From the client perspective the benefits of this might not be immediately recognisable. Here are some ways in which Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors and our partners have been using technology to help serve our valued client base.

Mobile App

We give our clients access to our free case management app. This allows them to review and sign legal documents immediately through their smart phone. This means that the time it takes to post documents back and forth is removed from the equation and cases can progress much quicker. The app also means that most clients will never have to visit our offices, which is especially important in the wake of the global pandemic.

Medical technology

We regularly partner with medical and other types of consultant to ensure we have the necessary evidence to further clients’ claims. We’ve seen first-hand how these partners have improved their services through the implementation of innovative technologies. For example, our consultant audiologists are now able to identify and diagnose industrial deafness with much great accuracy than ever before.

Social media

We reach tens of thousands of people every month on social media. The idea of doing so when our firm was founded in 1969 would have been ludicrous, yet here we are. Through various social media channels we are able to share content and news that is of benefit to our clients and potential clients. We can also educate people on what to expect from the legal process and their rights.

Digital case management

A number of years ago we became a paperless office. This means we only use hard copy paperwork when we’re obliged to. To achieve this we use specialist secure software to complete case work. This keeps our solicitors and support staff efficient and streamlined when it comes to case management. When the UK entered lockdown as a result of COVID-19, we were able to react immediately. Consequently, we experienced almost no restriction in our ability to operate except in circumstances involving third parties which was outside of our control. There are many benefits to innovating but the greatest by far is the value passed on to the client as a result of efficiency born of specialist technology.

As a firm, we will continue to embrace new technological solutions as the years tick by. We will do this with our clients at the forefront of our consideration. If you are in need of an innovative law firm, you can learn more about our services. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for a free no obligation enquiry.


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