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Alex’s work accident settles for £25,000 (Belfast) 

Alex was involved in a work accident while he was employed at a tile company in Belfast.  His company was in the process of relocating to a newer premises, and the racks, which are large ovens used for baking tiles, would frequently become jammed. In such instances, manual intervention was required to resolve the issue. Alex was assigned the task of unjamming the racks, which involved climbing up to clear the jam. Unfortunately, as he was descending, his foot got caught in a part of the rack, causing him to fall and injure his tailbone.

Due to ongoing pain, Alex attended the hospital 4 days after the accident where x-rays were carried out that determined that he had fractured his coccyx. Although he initially attempted to return to work after a few days, he was deemed medically unfit to do so. 

Alex reached out to our work accident solicitors 

Alex was concerned about his injuries and decided to contact Paschal O’Hare Solicitors to learn about his options. 

We sent a letter of claim to his employer and their insurers denied liability, stating that the task the client was doing had been risk assessed and performed without issue several times previously. We obtained a report from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who gave a prognosis period of 18 months for recovery. We then issued proceedings. 

Once Discovery had been received, we arranged an inspection of the Defendant’s premises by our Consulting Engineer. Upon receipt of their own Engineer’s evidence, the Defendants agreed to discuss settlement of the case and we were able to agree on a figure of £25,000 which Alex was happy with.

If you suffered a work injury in Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland, know that our work accident solicitors are here to help. We’ve been assisting people for over 50 years and we’re confident we can assist you as well. Learn about our experience in this area or reach out to our team today. 


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