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trip claim in Belfast in car park

Claire’s trip claim settles for £7,650 (Belfast)

One dark, winter’s evening, Claire was returning to her car from the supermarket in Belfast where she had just finished her shopping. She was walking along when she tripped due to a depression of the road surface in the supermarket car park.   

She sustained various soft tissue injuries that caused her considerable pain. 

Claire reached out to our slip and trip solicitors in Belfast 

Claire read about our services on our website and decided to contact us in order to claim for her injuries. Once Claire consulted with one of our solicitors, we obtained the insurance details for the owner of the property. A description of her injuries was sent to the insurer and we advised them of our intention to seek compensation on her behalf.     

Primary liability was accepted by the third party land owner, but they alleged that Claire did not take enough care and therefore, in some way, was responsible for the accident.  At our request, Claire was examined by an Orthopaedic Surgeon who detailed her injuries in the report. 

Once medical evidence was served, negotiations commenced between the insurers and our office. Using our legal knowledge and expertise, we were able to resist the allegation of negligence on Claire’s behalf and persuaded the insurers to increase their valuation of the case. Much to Claire’s delight, we successfully settled the case for £7650.

Our solicitors have been helping make trip accident claims in Belfast and across Northern Ireland for over 50 years. We are experts that can effortlessly guide you through the whole process. Find out more about making a trip accident claim or reach out to one of our solicitors today.


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