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Work Accident Claim Settles Ballymoney

Greg’s Work Accident Claim Settles for £100,000 (Ballymoney)

Greg, a lab technician in Ballymoney, was involved in an accident while working overtime during an Easter holiday shift. To deal with the sweltering lab conditions, Greg opened a fire door. Unfortunately, the door lacked a latch to keep it open. In an attempt to prop the door open, he placed a brick against it. His foot slipped off the brick, causing the door to slam shut and lock him out of the lab.  His phone, which could have allowed him to call for help, was also inside the locked lab. Since it was a holiday shift, there was no one else on site.

Panicked about being trapped for days until after the Easter break, Greg looked for a way to escape the yard but found no access points. He decided to climb the fence. However, upon reaching near the top, he realised the other side was too steep to safely jump down to. While attempting to climb back down, his jeans got caught on the gate, and he fell, shattering both his legs. He believes he may have even lost consciousness briefly. Unable to call for help himself, he eventually managed to get the attention of a nearby farmer who called for an ambulance.

Greg’s Injuries Required Medical Attention 

The ambulance arrived and he was taken to hospital. He suffered a right weber B and high fibular fracture, left proximal third tibia and fibula fractures and a left trimalleolar ankle fracture. He had to have an operation and a frame applied and he was subsequently transferred to Coleraine Hospital for rehabilitation. He developed post-traumatic osteoarthritis and will likely require further surgery in the future. He was unable to ever return to work and required care as well as altered accommodation to assist with his lack of mobility. He also developed an Adjustment disorder with depressive symptoms. 

Greg Reached Out to Our Work Accident Solicitors for Help

Greg was concerned about his injuries and decided to reach out to Paschal O’Hare Solicitors. After speaking to him about his injuries, Partner Seymour Major advised that we could assist him. We sent a letter of claim and liability was denied on the basis that the client was the author of his own misfortune. The Defendant also denied authorising the overtime our client undertook and noted the fact that the padlock on the gate was not actually locked, but only placed over the fence which could have released him. 

We confirmed our intention to issue proceedings. The insurers made an offer of £20,000 as a buy off in what they stated was an attempt to avoid protracted litigation but with no admission of liability. We rejected this and pressed ahead with issuing proceedings. Medical evidence was obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon, a consultant psychiatrist and a care expert and we also obtained reports from an architect and from a Consulting Engineer. Eventually, the other side agreed to enter into discussions and a compromise figure of £100,000 was agreed, taking into account the liability issues in the case.

At Paschal O’Hare Solicitors, we are committed to representing those impacted by work accidents, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve for the challenges they face. Our extensive experience across Northern Ireland equips us to provide unparalleled legal support. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, reach out to learn how we can assist you in navigating your claim


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