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Henry’s work accident settles for £20,000 (County Down) 

Henry was involved in a serious work accident when he was employed in a factory in County Down. During a normal work day, he was directing a forklift truck which was loaded with a number of windows in a steel cage. The forklift driver hit a ramp which caused the load on the forklift to fall forwards, crushing Henry’s hand.

He was rushed to hospital in order to get medical attention for his extensive injuries. 

Henry contacted our work accident solicitors

Worried about his injuries, he contacted Paschal O’Hare on a recommendation from a friend.  After a telephone consultation, our solicitors were able to quickly establish that we could assist in bringing a claim for compensation arising out of the incident.

A letter of claim was directed to Henry’s employer setting out his allegations. Liability was accepted by the third party insurer.

We arranged for Henry to be examined by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was suffering from a deformity to the tip of his left middle finger as a result of the accident. The medical report documented the reduction of Henry’s recreational activities as a result of his injury, the Consultant was of the view that there may be some altered sensation in the area on a long term basis.

We served Henry’s medical evidence and entered into discussions. An initial offer of £16,000 was made, which was swiftly rejected. In the end we secured an award of £20,000 without the need for court proceedings.

If you were unfortunately injured in a work accident, learn about how we can help or reach out to our solicitors. We’ll make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. 


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