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Jenna’s serious work accident settles for £175,000 (County Down) 

Jenna was involved in a work accident when she was employed as a waitress/bar tender in a restaurant in County Down. One of the chefs in the restaurant had been in the habit of placing a deep fat fryer on a tea trolley with wheels on it. On the day of the accident, Jenna came into the kitchen for an order for deserts. Unknown to her, the sink beside the fryer had overflowed. The floor had been mopped up, but was still wet and slippery. No warning signs were in place. Jenna came walking into the kitchen and slipped on the floor. This caused her to skid across the floor and knocked into the trolley. This in turn caused the fryer to wobble and the fryer fell onto its side. The contents came flying out and Jenna was struck by the molten oil over her left leg and right leg. She was in excruciating pain.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, there was a panic. An ambulance was called and Jenna was taken to Craigavon Area Hospital before being transferred to the RVH Burns Unit where she remained for 2 ½ weeks.

As a result of this accident, Jenna sustained significant life-changing burns to her left leg from the knee down, as well as burns to her right thigh and the back of her right knee and right shin area.

Jenna reached out to our work accident solicitors 

Jenna decided to pursue a personal injury claim for the serious injuries which she sustained. She carried out a search on the internet and, having read some of the testimonials and case studies on our website, instructed Patrick O’Hare of this office to pursue a claim on your behalf. 

A letter of claim was sent to the owner of the restaurant in question. Liability was quickly admitted. Medical reports were obtained from a plastic surgeon and a consultant psychiatrist, and High Court proceedings were issued. Negotiations subsequently took place. An initial offer of £50,000 was made and this was rejected out of hand. 

The case was then prepared for trial. Prior to trial further discussions took place and an increased offer of £100,000 and then £150,000 was made. Again, this was rejected out of hand. It was made clear to the Defendant that a figure of no less than £175,000 would be acceptable to resolve the case. A few days prior to the hearing, the Defendant relented and agreed to pay the settlement figure of £175,000.

Jenna was absolutely delighted with the outcome.

If you suffered a serious work injury, reach out to the best rated personal injury solicitors in Northern Ireland. We’re here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. 


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