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John’s slip and fall injury settles for £10,000 (Belfast) 

While shopping at a grocery store in Belfast, John was injured in a slip and fall accident. As he pushed his cart down the soft drink aisle, he suddenly slipped on a puddle of water on the floor, causing him to lose his balance and land hard on his right knee. John reported the incident to a store employee, who documented the accident in an incident report. 

It became apparent that a machine in the store was leaking and had caused the accumulation of water on the floor surface.

John contacted our slip and trip solicitors 

John was concerned about his injuries and he decided to reach out to Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors on a recommendation from a friend. Our solicitor, Chris, quickly established that we could assist in bringing a claim for compensation arising out of the incident.

A letter of claim was directed to the grocery store, setting out our John’s allegations against them. Liability was accepted by their insurance company within a few months.

We arranged for John to be examined by a Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine. John was suffering from pain in his right knee as a result of the accident. The medical reports documented the reduction of John’s recreational activities as a result of his injury. The Consultant Orthopaedic was of the view that an MRI Scan of John’s right knee was required . This was arranged by us, and a copy of the MRI scan was sent to the Consultant for his further comments. The Consultant documented an MCL sprain to John’s right knee and attributed a recovery period of some 12-18 months. 

We served our client’s medical evidence and entered into discussions. An initial offer of £8,000 was made, which was swiftly rejected. In the end, we secured an award of £10,000 without the need for court proceedings.

With more than five decades of experience, our team of solicitors has been dedicated to assisting individuals in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland in making slip accident claims. We have gained extensive expertise in navigating the complexities of this legal process, and our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for you. Find out more about making a slip and trip accident claim or reach out to one of our solicitors today.


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