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car accident claim settles Dunmurry

Lois’s car accident claim settles for £25,000 (Dunmurry)

Lois was driving her car in Dunmurry, having just picked up her children from school, when suddenly a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction lost control, spun around, and collided with her vehicle. The impact caused significant damage to Lois’s car, which had to be written off. The PSNI responded to the accident scene. Lois suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and required hospital treatment.

Lois Contacted our Car Accident Solicitors

In the aftermath, Lois reached out to Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors for expert guidance on her accident claim. The PSNI informed her that the third-party vehicle was stolen, and no insurance was found. Nonetheless, our team assured Lois that a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) was viable, as the MIB handles cases involving uninsured and untraced drivers. Lois’s claim was processed as an “untraced” claim, and she was promptly arranged to undergo medical assessments.

A General Practitioner, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, and a Clinical Psychologist examined Lois. Based on her medical records from her GP and hospital, each specialist provided a detailed report on the extent of her injuries.

Negotiations with the MIB began once we had gathered all the medical evidence. The initial offer from the MIB was £17,500, which we did not accept. Through persistent negotiations, we secured an increased settlement of £25,000, which Lois was very pleased with.

Car accidents can have lasting impacts on your health and daily life. At Paschal O’Hare Solicitors, we are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. With over 50 years of experience in supporting the residents of Northern Ireland, our team is ready to assist you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Discover how we can help you today, or get in touch with our solicitors in Belfast, Glengormley, and Carrickfergus.



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