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John’s cycling accident claim settles for £112,000 (Ballymoney)

John was out enjoying a morning cycle ride around Ballymoney when he turned into a side street and was struck by a car. His front wheel buckled on impact, and he was thrown over the handlebars, knocking his head. At the scene, the driver apologised to John and advised that she did not see him.

John was taken by ambulance to Causeway Hospital and transferred to the Royal Victoria Hospital, where he was detained for 2 days. As a result of this accident, he sustained a minor head injury and various abrasions to his hands, right knee and the back of his head. He had pain in his neck and back and a CT scans revealed fractures with a loss of 40% vertebral body height in addition to a fracture of the tip of his spinous process. John was immobilised in a neofract jacket and aspen collar. He was off work for a considerable period of time.

John decided to pursue compensation

Having done a Google search for an appropriate specialist personal injury solicitor, John contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors to pursue a claim on his behalf.

Medical reports were obtained from a variety of medical experts. Correspondence was entered into with the insurers for the defendant who declined to formally admit liability. As a result of this, High Court Proceedings were issued and served. In due course, the defence representative indicated that they were amenable to negotiations. Negotiations took place in the case and it was clear at that stage that John, whilst he had returned to work, had remained on light duties. Prior to his accident, he was doing a physical job. However, since the accident, he was driving a van because it was less tiring for him.

Negotiations took place and the case ultimately settled for £112,000.


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