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Michael’s Motorcycle accident settles for £31,500 (Portstewart)

On a rare sunny day in Northern Ireland, Michael was driving his motorcycle along the North Coast near Portstewart. Whilst bypassing a long queue of standstill traffic, a vehicle that was stationary in the traffic, attempted to do a turn in the road, without first ensuring it was safe to do so. The third-party vehicle struck Michael’s bike, throwing Michael from the bike along the road. The PSN and Ambulance were called and attended the scene. Michael had sustained several soft tissue injuries.

Michael contacted Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors

Once Joanne consulted with one of our solicitors, we contacted the PSNI to obtain dashcam footage of the incident, and successfully obtained that third party vehicles insurance details. Thereafter we informed their insurer of our intention to claim for personal injury, loss, and suffering. We had Michael examined by a consultant Orthopaedic surgeon, a Consultant ENT and a Consultant Psychiatrist, who produced a report detailing the nature extent of Michael’s injuries.

From the outset, there was a dispute as to who was at fault for the incident. We argued that as Michael was passing, the third-party vehicle should have made the appropriate checks before attempted a turn in the road. Liability was not accepted in full for the incident, therefore we issued court proceedings in the High Court.

After medical evidence was served, and input from consultant engineers for both parties, negotiations commenced between Solicitors for the third-party and our office, eventually resulting in Michael’s case settling for £31,500, with an agreed liability split of 70/30.

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