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Serious Accident Victim Secures £45,000 (Carrickfergus)

Samantha suffered a severe injury when an unanticipated accident took place during a routine break in Carrickfergus. Samantha, while taking a moment for herself, was struck by a forcefully opened door, impacting her directly on the right Achilles tendon. This unforeseen event led to a significant and painful injury, prompting immediate medical attention and subsequent legal action.

Immediate Medical Attention and Legal Consultation

The incident resulted in a deep laceration to Samantha’s right Achilles, necessitating a prompt visit to the Royal Victoria Hospital, followed by a transfer to the Mater Hospital for specialised care. The diagnosis revealed a cut requiring seven stitches, alongside the need for additional pain management interventions in the days following. 

This unfortunate accident propelled Samantha to seek legal expertise in personal injury law. She carried out a search on Google, ultimately choosing Paschal O’Hare Solicitors for representation due to our specialised knowledge and experience in the field.

Challenging the Denial of Liability

Managing Partner Patrick O’Hare initial consultation with Samantha highlighted the potential for a viable compensation claim against the business responsible. 

Despite the defendant and their insurer’s firm denial of liability, Patrick O’Hare proceeded to arrange expert examinations by a plastic surgeon and an ankle and foot surgeon. These medical evaluations uncovered long-term consequences of the injury, including residual scarring, tingling, and muscle tightness, which would impact Samantha’s quality of life.

High Court Proceedings

Given the complexity of the case and the defendant’s refusal to accept liability, we advised Samantha on the merits of pursuing legal proceedings. Our determination led to the issuance of High Court proceedings, a decisive step that prompted negotiations with the defendant’s legal team. These discussions, held within the High Court premises, resulted in a favourable settlement for our client.

Successful Settlement and Client Satisfaction

We reached a settlement of £45,000, which Samantha was delighted with. This settlement highlights the importance of expert legal advice and representation in serious injury cases. 

If you’ve experienced a similar incident in Carrickfergus or anywhere across Northern Ireland, our serious injury solicitors are ready to provide you with the support and guidance needed to secure the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your serious injury claim.


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