pedestrian accident in Helen’s Bay

Susan’s passenger accident settles for £20,000 (Helen’s Bay)

Susan was a passenger in a vehicle when another vehicle drove through a red light and collided with them in Helen’s Bay. She suffered a fractured thumb and soft tissue injuries to her shoulders and upper back, as well as psychological injury. 

Susan Contact Our Passenger Accident Solicitors 

Susan reached out to our solicitors after hearing us on the radio. Our solicitors immediately began the injury claims process. We obtained a report from a Consultant Orthopaedic Consultant, who gave an initial prognosis of 12 months for her injuries to clear up. We also sent her to a Consultant Psychiatrist who diagnosed an Adjustment disorder again lasting 12 months. 

The insurers made an initial offer of £12,500 on the basis of the reports that were served. Susan was concerned however that she didn’t feel her thumb injury was clearing up. She also had concerns as she was studying medicine and was worried about the injury affecting her ability to do her job as a doctor in the future, especially if she wished to pursue surgery.

Our solicitors obtained a further report from the Consultant Orthopaedic Consultant who suggested she attend for an MRI scan which suggested a partial tear and sprain of the joint of her thumb.  He also suggested obtaining a further report from a Surgeon with particular interest in hand conditions may be appropriate. We obtained this report which suggested that some low level of symptoms may continue but it should not affect the Susan’s career prospects. In the end, we were able to negotiate a settlement in the sum of £20,000 which Susan was happy with.

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