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Brenda’s accident at work claim settles for £17,000 (Belfast)

Brenda worked as a volunteer in a shop. After finishing work, she came out from behind the counter to lock up for the day. As she made her way out from behind the shop counter, she tripped over a chest which had been positioned at the end of the counter.

She threw out her left arm to try to break her fall.

When she connected with the floor, the impact was so forceful that she fractured her arm. During the nasty fall, Brenda also cut her leg. She was in a great deal of pain following the incident, especially around the base of her left thumb.

The doctors informed Brenda that she had suffered a fracture of her left wrist and a laceration to her left leg. As a result, Brenda was placed in a cast for six weeks and required physiotherapy as part of her recovery.

Unfortunately, Brenda’s arm never returned to normal and was left with a permanent deformity.

Her fractured arm did not come back together correctly, something that the doctors referred to as a fracture united with a decree of mal union. Liability for the accident was denied by the defendant and Brenda immediately contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors so that she could better pursue a claim for compensation.

This firm were able to reassure Brenda and began legal proceedings. The defendant continued to deny liability. We entered into negotiations. During the negotiations, significant points were made on contributory negligence given the size of the box in question and the fact that it has been there for a period of time. Ultimately negotiations were concluded and the case settled for £17,500.

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