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Caomhan’s accident at work claim settles for £27,500 (Belfast)

Whilst at work, Caomhan and some colleagues were setting drums of chemicals on scales. These consisted of steel plates and a bund wall directly behind the scales, which is a low level wall whose function is to contain any spill. A shutter door then comes down on top of the wall. When the drums containing the chemicals were in place, a colleague operated a key pad to close the shutters, but the shutter door jammed a few feet from the top. The operator tried the key again and the door went back up and on the way down it jammed at the same place. Caomhan and a colleague then tried to guide it down manually, standing on the bund wall to reach it, but again this did not succeed. The supervisor took it back up using the key. In doing so, the shutter began to unravel and came off the runner. It fell at speed and Caomhan was struck by the shutter. As he fell to the ground from the bund wall he put his left hand out to save himself and suffered injury as a result.

Caomhan’s wrist was fractured

As a result of this accident, Caomhan suffered a broken wrist in several places along with an injury to his left elbow and abrasions to his face. He contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation on his behalf. A letter of claim was forwarded to Caomhan’s employers and the their’s insurers, after investigating the matter, admitted liability and invited us to enter into negotiations on our client’s behalf.

Medical reports were used as evidence

We obtained a medical report from an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in upper limb injuries. Caomhan was off work for approximately four months and also attended physiotherapy for approximately ten weeks. Furthermore, Caomhan was experiencing consistent and continuous pain in his left hand. A further report was obtained from a Consultant Neurophysiologist which confirmed that our client was suffering from mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Negotiations were undertaken and the claim settled in the sum of £27,500.

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