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John’s accident at work settles for £6,500 (Antrim)

On a seemingly regular day at work, John was involved in a work accident. He was mixing molten aluminium in the melt shop at his place of employment. Although following the correct procedure and wearing the PPE provided, a portion of the aluminium overflowed from the container and spilled on John’s foot causing a burn. John reported the incident to his employer and attended Antrim Area Hospital to have his injury assessed.  

John contacted Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors

Once John consulted with one of our solicitors, we informed his employer of our intention to claim for personal injury, loss, and suffering, due to a lack of risk management and safety in the workplace. We had John examined by a consultant Plastic surgeon who produced a report detailing the nature extent of John’s injuries, and in particular, the residual scarring caused by the burn.

After medical evidence was served, negotiations commenced between the insurer for John’s employer and our office, with John’s case settling for £6,500.

If you’ve been involved in an accident at work in Northern Ireland, don’t hesitate to contact our solicitors. We are ready to listen and provide you with the legal advice you deserve. Learn more about our services or contact us today. 


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