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Niall’s accident at work claim settles for £7,500 (Carrickfergus)

Niall was employed as a maintenance man in a nursing home near Carrickfergus. Part of his duties there included putting out a number of commercial waste bins for collections. Due to the size of the bins they were heavy and he was required to move them a considerable distance to the collection point. On a number of occasions whilst carrying out this particular duty Niall strained his lower back and each time he reported it to his manager. Unfortunately, nothing was done to reduce the risk of injury.

Niall visited his GP following yet another strained back

As a result of Niall’s injuries he had to be absent from work on numerous occasions and his GP sent him to a physiotherapist. He contacted us with the view to pursue compensation and ensure procedures were put in place to avoid further injury. On our new client’s behalf, we initiated a claim against his employer who denied liability. The Manual Handling Regulations set out guidelines regarding weight of load and their movement. These guidelines state that a load greater than 10kg should not be moved if it must remain in motion.

We had Niall examined by a doctor who provided us with a medical report that detailed the injuries, likely causes and absences from work. We contacted the insurance company of the employer in an attempt to enter settlement negotiations. The insurance company obliged and we settled the case in the sum of £7,000.

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