riding through woods on quad

Ryan’s accident at work claim settles for £40,000 (Ballymena)

Ryan was employed as a ground maintenance man by a company in Ballymena. Part of his role involved using a quad bike to spray weeds on the grounds that he was responsible for. He had just filled up 2 tanks with weed killer that attach to the work vehicle and had proceeded to drive it to the patch of land infested with weeds.

The weight of the tanks caused the quad to lean to the left

He was following the path ahead which turned into a sweeping left hand bend. Ryan believes that his foot slipped off the footplate that operated the brake. In any event it caused his foot to slip under the footplate, leaving it exposed to the ground. His foot dragged behind the moving quad and along the ground. The accident lead to significant injury to his right foot causing fractures.

Ryan initially approached a competitor law firm to pursue a claim for compensation

However, Ryan was unhappy with the level of service that was provided to him. He carried out research online and came across Paschal O’Hare Solicitors. Satisfied with our reviews, case studies and the fact that we only deal with injury related cases, he instructed us to take over the management of his claim.

We sent a letter of claim to his employer claiming compensation for his dreadful injuries. After a brief investigation, his employer’s insurance provider admitted liability but alleged contributory negligence. This is when the injured party is partly to blame for their accident. We then had our consultant orthopaedic surgeon examine Ryan and provide us with a medical report that outlined the extent of his injuries. We issued High Court proceedings on the case. However, prior to the defence being served, we took part in negotiations and the claim settled in the sum of £40,000.

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What the NHS says about Ryan’s injuries

Intra-articular & Undisplaced fractures (Metatarsal necks)

Intra-articular Osteochondral damage


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