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Work-Related Vehicle Accident Claims Solicitors

Our expert work vehicle accident solicitors have been helping injury victims with their injury claims for over 50 years. From Belfast to Enniskillen, our solicitors are ready to help and give you the service you deserve. This is why so many clients consider us the best personal injury solicitors in Northern Ireland. 

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Road Traffic Accidents in Work Vehicles in Northern Ireland

Drivers of work vehicles such as company cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles (HGV) that are involved in a road accident have the same right to claim for compensation as any other road user. Similarly, when involved in a road accident, these drivers usually experience similar problems and injuries experienced by other road users who have been in an accident.

A work related vehicle accident typically occurs on a road and involves an employee that spends time driving vehicles such a company car, taxi or van. However, operators of forklift trucks and construction vehicles might become involved in an accident at their place of work.

Whatever your circumstances, our expert car accident at work solicitors are here to help you with your injury claim.

Who can claim for work-related vehicle accident injuries in Northern Ireland?

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving your work vehicle it is likely that you will be able to claim for your injuries. It is important that you start your claim within a 3-year period, as there are time limitation on personal injury claims. If you are unclear on whether you are able to claim, please call us on 0800 020 9311 and our solicitors are happy to help.

How long will my work vehicle accident claim take?

The time it takes to conclude your claim is closely tied in with the complexity of your injuries. This means that if you suffered many injuries, it would take additional time to examine each one, extending the length of time your case will take. If you were involved in an accident while driving a work vehicle, contact our solicitors and they will advise you on the length of time your claim will take.

How much compensation will I receive for my work vehicle accident?

Our website features a compensation calculator that can provide you with a general idea of how much compensation you could receive. Because each injury is unique, we would need to speak with you and examine your case in order to offer more details. Our solicitors are experts in their field and could provide you with a significant amount of information.

Choose the work vehicle accident experts

Paschal O’Hare Solicitors have almost 50 years of experience dealing with work related vehicle accidents for both trade union members and non-union members. We can help injured employees seek injury compensation and special damages such as loss of earnings and specialist treatment if required. 

We are here to help you through the entire personal injury process from start to finish. Your first step is to get in touch with Paschal O’Hare Solicitors.

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