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David’s industrial disease claim settles for £17,500 (Ballymena)

David suffered from industrial disease when he was exposed to fumes in his place of work over a period of time.  As a result of this, the Plaintiff suffered respiratory problems along with coughing, light headedness and eye irritation.  David approached Paschal O’Hare Solicitors following a period of online research. A claim for compensation was pursued against the Plaintiff’s employer who denied liability and insisted that the problem arose due to the faulty installation of an extraction system.  Legal proceedings were issued against the Plaintiff’s employer who in turn joined the supplier of the extraction system in question.

Both liability and causation were an issue.  In relation to causation, the Plaintiff was examined by a doctor on behalf of the defendant who advised that the underlying diagnosis was one of Asthma and that the Plaintiff only suffered transient symptoms as a result of exposure to fumes.  Despite this, we recommended that the matter was listed for hearing and duly settled in the sum of £17,500 plus High Court costs.

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