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Jonathan's Hearing Loss Claim Against Truck Components Manufacturer Settles

Jonathan’s Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £20,400 (Belfast)

Jonathan dedicated over a decade and a half to his role on the assembly line at a factory producing components for trucks. Throughout his tenure, from the late 1990s, Jonathan was consistently exposed to significant noise from machinery in a noisy, open-plan environment. Regrettably, his employer failed to provide essential hearing protection or health and safety advice until the final years of his employment, leaving Jonathan vulnerable to auditory harm.

Jonathan reached out to our hearing loss department 

As time progressed, Jonathan noticed a decline in his hearing capabilities. He struggled with hearing conversations over the telephone and found himself needing to increase the volume on the radio and television. Additionally, a persistent ringing in his ears began to disrupt his sleep, prompting him to seek expert legal assistance from Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors.

Once Jonathan consulted with one of our solicitors, we obtained his medical records and arranged for him to be examined by an ENT consultant. Jonathan was diagnosed with noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. We established who insured the company for the period Jonathan was employed by them. 

Proceedings were issued against Jonathan’s employer. His employer’s Solicitor arranged for him to be examined by another ENT consultant. Once medical evidence was obtained by both parties, negotiations commenced and resulted in Jonathan’s case settling for £20,400. His costs were paid for by his employer.

Paschal O’Hare Solicitors is dedicated to securing justice and fair compensation for those suffering from hearing loss caused by their workplace environment. Our hearing loss department will fight to ensure you receive the support you need. If, like many others, your job has impacted your hearing, contact us today


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