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Motorcycle Accident Newtownards

Jeff’s Motorcycle Accident Settles for £250,000 (Newtownards)

Jeff was riding his motorcycle on his way home in Newtownards, proceeding along the main road, when a car pulled out from a side road on his left. Despite slamming on the brakes, it was impossible to avoid the collision. He struck the driver’s side of the car, and the force of the impact transferred through his hands and wrists. Jeff was thrown into the air, struck the car, slid over the bonnet, and ended up on the ground on the other side of the car. The impact caused him to hit his groin area off the petrol tank of his motorcycle.

Injuries Sustained

Jeff was taken by ambulance to the Ulster Hospital Dundonald, where he was detained for approximately four weeks. As a result of the accident, he sustained severe injuries, including:

  • Bilateral wrist fractures requiring surgery and the insertion of plates and screws, resulting in significant residual scarring.
  • Displaced fracture of his left tibial plateau and a fracture of the fibular head, necessitating surgery and the application of a frame to his leg for 6 months.
  • A fracture to his pelvis area.
  • Significant psychological issues due to the traumatic nature of the accident.

Jeff Contacted Paschal O’Hare Solicitors

Growing increasingly concerned about his injuries, Jeff decided to pursue a compensation claim. After researching personal injury law firms online, he instructed Patrick O’Hare of this firm to handle his case.

Liability was quickly admitted. Medical reports were obtained from an orthopaedic surgeon, an occupational therapist specialising in hand injuries, and a consultant psychiatrist. High Court proceedings were issued. After the case was set down for hearing, negotiations took place, and the case settled for £250,000.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident like Jeff, learn more about our services or contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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