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Christopher’s whiplash claim settles for £7,000 (Belfast)

Christopher was a passenger in his friend’s car whilst they sat stationary at lights during a journey to the gym. Another driver crashed into the rear of their vehicle. The driver at fault got out of his car and appeared to be drunk. The police were called and arrested the driver when they arrived at the scene.

Christopher developed whiplash symptoms

Soon after the collision, Christopher began to develop pain in his neck, shoulders and back. He was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries, that are consitent with whiplash, and contacted Paschal O’Hare Personal Injury Solicitors with a view to claim for compensation. We took on his case and sent a letter of claim to the drunk driver’s insurer. We had Christopher examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who provided a report detailing the extent of the injuries. We served this on the insurer who admittedly liability and invited us to negotiate settlement.

The insurer offered settlement in the sum of £5,000. However, the solicitor in charge of the case rejected this on behalf of Christopher on the basis that his quality of life had reduced. This is known as loss of amenity. Christopher was an avid gym goer and his inability to partake in cardio and resistance training, and the subsequent loss of “gains”, began to impact his mental health. The insurer made an additional offer of £7,000 in compensation that was duly accepted.

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What the NHS says about Christopher’s injuries



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